Noutăți de la Euro Informatica (Part CLXXX)!

Noutăți de la Euro Informatica (Part CLXXX)!


  Computerization widely in all fields requires the presence of specialists who are able to know in a practical operating systems and programming languages modern execute works office and accounting, operate databases, to be able to work on computer networks. The great demand for such specialists and their specifics can be resolved only through their training in schools, the European education proved to be the most suitable for this purpose. It is particularly important now and computing centers or company profile.

Optional computer prepares students to solve problematic situations of everyday life by cultivating perseverance, self-confidence, the will to carry out the thing started. I must mention the strong interdisciplinary character that you have study computer science. From the beginning, students are introduced to the computer in the optional discipline “Basics of Informatics”, which has as main objective to familiarize students with computer use. The focus is on the Microsoft operating system Windows and the programs running under it: text editor Notepad, word processor WordPad program graphics Paint, but is considered and the word processor Microsoft Word in the Microsoft Office so that any Optional pupil attending this discipline to be able to work alone and writing in any field and it graphically. The program helps develop logical thinking, mathematical algorithms of application knowledge, familiarity with programming languages. The study acknowledges HTML webpage notion of students being the bridge between your computer and the virtual world World Wide Web. Undoubtedly the main attraction for students is the Internet, they reveal a fascinating world. On the Internet, they find information for reports, virtually visiting exotic places, communicate with friends or find the latest news about your favorite team.

The syllabus for the course “Basics of Informatics” is focused on objectives, the teacher having the choice to achieve their specific learning activities. Class is the first year of study of the optional computer.





  Cursurile Euro Informatica (Part CLXXX) continuă, sunt adresate copiilor cu vârsta cuprinsă intre 7-14 ani și sunt gratuiteVa urma!


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