1-9 June 2019, Horné Orešany, Slovakia


VIBE – Youth group for education and cultural development (Slovakia)

PRISM (Italy)

INCEPTUS (Lithuania)

NGO Logos Polska (Poland)

Euro Education Federation (Romania)

Zagreb Erasmus+ Network (Croatia)


Tale is a form of literary production that is based on imagination and creativity. From this perspective, we believe that the use of something, that has emerged as a result of imagination and creativity, will give the most accurate results for our purpose of improving imagination and creativity.

The purpose of our project; using tales to help young people develop their imagination and creativity, to support the development of the imagination and creativity skills of the participating individuals and to make a difference with their creativity in the work they are currently doing or in the future, to draw attention to the importance of imagination and creativity in today’s business and social life conditions, to create social awareness and emphasize the importance of the tales, which is one of humankind’s oldest literary productions, and to remember and use these artifacts that are almost out of our lives

Expected bigger objectives (behind the learning tool):

– Developing soft skills to be a solution of increasing unemployment rate among youth in Europe,

– Boosting creativity and entrepreneurship skills,

– Understand the place of imagination and creativity in our business and social life,

– To present the tales to find ways to adapt the tales again to our daily lives and to use them as a tool for creativity,

– To create a “project tale” with the collaboration of all participants in our project and also to present this tale as a theatrical performance,

– To create an online “tale book” from the tales we obtained in the project and share this book with our societies,

– Preventing unemployment of youth, providing entrepreneurship among young people and providing them intercultural learning

– Raising awareness regarding fundamental objectives of the Erasmus + program

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