Exclusively! Message sent to our editorial office by a Ukrainian woman from the Kharkiv region

Harkiv - Ucraina

My dear Europens friends,
Today was one of the most awful days in my life!!!
Putin’s military weapons bombed peacful citizen of Kharkiv Region, It was very scaring !!!
Terrible noises and bombing our houses with ukrainian peaceful citizen
The windows in my parents’ flat were all broken. Luckily they were alive.
Some people were killed and lots of wounded.
What should been done to stop that Monster – Putin????!!!!
Peaceful people were attacked by military weapon named GRAD ,
Projectiles were between our houses and lots of fragments broke our
windows and even broke a gas pipe in our house.
My parents and I still alive BUT
who knows what will happen in a day or even in an hour.
The only thing to do is praying
Yours very sincerely
Many thanks for the support.

PS: The fragments were also in the ground between our houses, the small parts are in my rooms, some windows were broken

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